Sidney Cruz, Bede Warren, Drs. Elena and Louis Akra, Jay Townsend, and Cindy Marling

Our guiding principle at Akra Professional Services has always been to provide the highest level of personalized healthcare available. Whether it is internal medicine or psychological services, we want you to know that you are receiving the highest standard of professional care.


In the current, conventional and traditional healthcare environment, today’s providers are required to see more patients and are spending less time listening and caring for them. By implementing a concierge medical care practice, we reduced the size of our practice, cater to your personal medical needs and give you access to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This design offers you what you need, when you need it. Think of it as “Back to the Future.” To have your physician reachable in a moment’s notice when the unexpected happens or a medical crisis occurs, gives you immediate peace of mind. Also, we are available should any of your out-of-town guests becomes ill or if you are preparing to travel out-of-town or abroad.


At Akra Professional Services, we provide the most direct access to a physician available in the United States.  Your medical care will not be compromised because you cannot reach your physician.


We understand that optimal health and wellness is seldom achieved on your own.  So, when you want to protect your health, manage ongoing illness or deal with critical diagnosis, we invite you to join us at Akra Professional Services. We will work together to customize your medical needs and give you the peace of mind you want to enjoy.


Louis A. Akra M.D.